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Our Experience Shaving With a Straight Razor


A while back I saw a picture of a shaving razor that had like 16 blades. The picture was obviously meant to be a joke but it made me think. Why do the razor blade companies add more and more blades to the shaver? Obviously for a closer shave but wouldn’t you just shave the same place multiple times to get a closer shave?

Our First Straight Razor Shave

With all of the questions above floating around I decided to try to shave myself with a straight razor. Bad Idea. I looked up a you tube video on how to shave with a straight razor but I obviously didn’t follow the instructions correctly as I had a very bad experience.


I learned a very valuable lesson for our first blog post. People make things easier for your own benefit sometime. You should just go with it. If the straight razor was the best way to shave then their would be no need for the new advancements in shaving technology. I hope you have had a better experience with a straight razor.