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Archives: July 2016

How to Choose the Best Hair Clippers for Men


When it comes to cutting your own hair it is imperative that you use the right tools for the job. Using the best hair clippers will ensure that you come out looking well groomed and clean shaven. But it is not as simple to cut your own hair as one would think. It takes a bit more than just a set of hair clippers to get the job done though. Here is what you need to know when choosing the best hair clippers for men.


hair-clippers-for-menWhat is Your Hair Type?

If you know the type of hair you have on your head then you are already on the right track. Although most hair clippers power through normal hair with ease, certain brands cut different types of hair differently than others. To start if you have coarse hair then you want a set of clippers with sharp blades. The more professional hair blades maintain a sharp blade easier than the cheaper store bought hair clippers.

Hair Line Trimming

The type of hair style you are going for matters as well. If you would like more of a clean shaven look then you will want a clipper with closer to a zero gap. The closer the gap the cleaner the hair cut will be. Most hair clippers are adjustable and will allow you to set your gap to what you want to cut. Most professional clippers aren’t adjustable but come with a set of guide combs that allow you to cut at certain lengths.

Hair Clipper Designs

For designs and such most barbers use liners or trimmers to carve designs into the head. The sharper the blade the cleaner the design. Most normal users would use these types of trimmers to line the edges of the hair and their beards. This is the original intention of liners but those who are more adventurous use things other than there intended purpose. To use a beard trimmers means that you are confident in the style you want to achieve as the trimmer is considered to be the sharpest among all of the hair clippers. One mistake could spell disaster for your hair line. No one wants a hair line that is pushed back to the top of their head.

Our Experience Shaving With a Straight Razor


A while back I saw a picture of a shaving razor that had like 16 blades. The picture was obviously meant to be a joke but it made me think. Why do the razor blade companies add more and more blades to the shaver? Obviously for a closer shave but wouldn’t you just shave the same place multiple times to get a closer shave?

Our First Straight Razor Shave

With all of the questions above floating around I decided to try to shave myself with a straight razor. Bad Idea. I looked up a you tube video on how to shave with a straight razor but I obviously didn’t follow the instructions correctly as I had a very bad experience.


I learned a very valuable lesson for our first blog post. People make things easier for your own benefit sometime. You should just go with it. If the straight razor was the best way to shave then their would be no need for the new advancements in shaving technology. I hope you have had a better experience with a straight razor.